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Environmentally conscious forestry consulting

Environmentally conscious forestry consulting


Adaptive and Holistic Approach.


Ecofor Consulting (Finland) provides expert forestry advice in project planning and implementation following a client-based approach and co-creative problem solving processes. 

Support and advisory services are provided in the following main areas: 
* strategic planning of forestry development projects and programmes
* forest resources assessment, management planning and field operations
* utilization of forest-based biomaterials and bioenergy projects
* socio/cultural values, recreation and landscape management
* environmental assessment, project evaluation and lessons learned

The forestry knowledge basis, primary focus and passion for conducting cost-effective and professional consulting services are based on proven Scandinavian, European and recognized international sustainable forest management and environmental conservation practices in today's dynamic operating environment.

Ecofor Consulting also participates as a partner in joint ventures regarding development of renewable forest resources, good governance, environmental management and sustainable utilization of forests, forest-based biomass and energy resources. 

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Photo:  Bjarne Häggman

Photo: Bjarne Häggman

Photo:   Bjarne Häggman

Photo: Bjarne Häggman